• Heather has a reputation for never sitting still except during client meetings of course. She lives on a 13-acre farm with her husband Scott Homstead, among an impressive menagerie of pets. Animals of all kinds are her passion and she currently has ten cats, three dogs, three canaries, two Macaw parrots and four horses. She rode her first pony at age four and was hooked. Heather brought home every stray cat much to her parents’ dismay. Her dad resorted to building a separate cat chalet to help her with feline housing.

  • Today there is Heather’s greenhouse filled with citrus trees and over 250 orchids, some she has tended for over 25 years along with that feisty blue and gold parrot of hers, Maya. She also has planted expansive flower gardens around the property, providing cut flowers from spring until late October. From her riotous collection of peonies, to hundreds of iris she has planted along with roses, lilies, robust annuals, and hydrangeas, the warmer months offer a feast for the eye and keep her weeding constantly.

  • So how come so many cats one may ask. Heather and Scott rescued a large group of Siamese from a shelter, victims of a hoarding case in SC and found homes for several, driving two all the way to Florida to their new forever home. The remaining feral cats just needed time to be tamed and settle in and now they are permanent family members. You can bet the house and barn are mouse free, except for the computer version of course. Heather’s office environment enjoys the merry sounds of singing canaries and the company of OC the office cat, who slumbers on her desk, next to blooming orchids on display.

  • Heather and Scott’s two Oldenburg horses were both purchased as yearlings so they could personally train them. Sisters Sophie and Promise (pictured here) are incredibly talented. Promise captured the grand championship award for the entire horseshow at her first local outing at FENCE, winning eight first places. Sophie will hopefully be ready for competition in 2017.

  • Art and interior design are also major interests. Heather has restored, renovated or built from scratch a total of eight homes to date in SC, VA, and FL recently completing an addition she and Scott designed on their current home. She faux finished all her kitchen cabinetry working in the garage well into the night for two months, applying seven coats to achieve the look she desired. Cappuccino onyx is her favorite new design statement which she incorporated into the master bath features with a lighted wall of it and double vanity feature.

  • There is also one other dimension worth mentioning as it is very important to Heather and circles back to animals. She supports multiple charities and campaigns that protect and save animals. Horses are right on the top of the list, along with efforts to protect both domestic and wild creatures. Here are a few she supports regularly: AMERICAN WILD HORSE PRESERVATION; CHILLY PEPPER MUSTANG RESCUE; DEFENDERS OF WILDLIFE; IN DEFENSE OF ANIMALS; ASPCA; HUMANE SOCIETY OF THE USA.